English Setters in Europe
A very interesting fact regarding almost all the top Italian setter lines: They all go back to a dog called
Crismani Dik, who was the son of an English import called Sharnberry Nick (Don of Clumbrey -
Express of Clumbrey). Nick's father Don was by Count Windem (Sateboy Bondhu - Belle Windem),
who also came to Italy and bred further. Nick's mother Express was a sister of Sharnberry Whitestone
(Yankee Bondhu - Strife Bondhu), the most winning and most important sire in Britain after World War
II. Sharnberry Nick's breeding results in Italy was no fluke. His grand-father Count Windem was also
imported to Italy, and bred well there. (Count Windem's litter brother was sold to Norway.) Later the
Italians also imported Sharnberry Fern (Waygood David - Waygood Fiona) who is almost as strongly
present as Sharnberry Nick in the Italian blood lines. Fern's mother Fiona was by Sharnberry
Whitestone. Finally the Crismani kennel also got hold of Sharnberry Donald, who is very present in our
setters in New Zealand. Read about the Sharnberry lines in the pages about NZ English setter lines.
As it's the case with so many other breeds, including English
pointers, the Italian English setter breeding has left a solid
mark on some of the very best setters to be found in Europe.
There are several reasons to this;
- many passionate and capable breeders, who have bred many
pups and have been honest and focused in their breeding.
- all the top dogs have been handled by full-time professinals
without bias to certain dogs and lines.
- their different types of trials have worked well for them as
breeding instruments, ie the ultimate goal, through your trials
being able to select the best breeding material.
- they have had shared access to top trials and top breeding
material with gundog enthusiasts in France, Spain, Belgium,
Germany, Holland, Switzerland etc.
The brilliant Radentis Nomar (Radentis Sbranco - Kelli della
Marika), with whom the professional Italian handler
Giorgio Baldoni won the European Championship 2003.
Baldoni has been one of the very best handlers of pointers
and setters for many years, and he has handled several
Radentis dogs. Baldoni has actually also contributed as a
breeder to those lines, as some dogs from his suffix "della
Vecchia Irlanda" have been used in the Radentis breeding.
Orlando Fabbri's Radentis kennel has been one of the most
significant breeders of English setters, together with
kennels like Dianella and Francini.
Rudolfo Lombardi here represents
some of the highly professional
Italian handlers. In the photo he has
just won the 1995 European
Championship with Francinis Kelby.
Decor Lot, one of the most important
ever in European English setter breeding.
One of the many important dogs among
his progeny was his son Radentis Gian,
who managed to equal his father as a
stud dog. Both also were INT.FTCh.
Targetti starting Frenk del Dianella, from one of the
greatest setter kennels in Europe.
Three generations of fantastic dogs from Orlando Fabbri's kennel,
from left: Radentis Borg, his son Radentis Sbranco and grand-son
Radentis d'Espana. Borg is Espana's grand-father on both sides, which
he also is to Radentis Nomar pictured further above.
Radentis Borg was by Radentis Gian (Decor Lot - Ariet di Castel San Giorgio) and Dolly della Vecchia
Irlanda (Bairo - Kira). In addition of being an excellent stud dog he also became Italian and
International FTCh, handled in the European Grande Quete trials by Giorgio Baldoni.