English Setters in Europe - part 2
Growing up in Norway in the 1970s, with a steadily
increasing interest in English setters, I couldn't help
being influenced by the beautiful and strong workers
from kennel Vigdaæ¦tta. The kennel had been around
for decades and spanning over three generations of
breeders. Vigdaættas Trevi (pictured above) came 2nd
in the Norwegian Championship in 1976 and 1978.
Trevi's half-brother Vigdaæ¦ttas Topper also came 3rd
in 78, like their mother Vigdaæ¦ttas Vigda X did in
1972. These results were followed up even further
during the 1980s and 90s.
The Nordic pointer breeding got Fieldborn Giant Killer
from Finland, with a massive impact on the breed,
while the English setters got Perkon Peli (born 1958).
It's my opinion that in addition to Italy, the
best setters in Europe are found in France
and Scandinavia (Norway in particular).
These countries have had both the necessary
numbers and quality in their gene pools, and
with many passionate breeders who have
done a great job during the 20th century.
They have not only been successful in
breeding strong workers, but also preserved
the right English setter type.

Norway and Sweden have a great variety of
trials to test the dogs. Mountain trials on
ptarmigan (Arctic grouse) in autumn, winter
trials in the same terrains during winter/
spring, forest trials on capercailie and
lowland field trials on pheasant and partridge.
For stamina and endurance nothing would
surpass those mountain dogs. The
Norwegian English setter in particular has for
decades had a very strong basic gene pool.
Outcrosses to continental European dogs and
American dogs have sometimes (but far
from every time) improved the overall quality.
Tarpans Bruno Capelli was one of the most
interesting setters in Norway in the 1990s.
He was a FTCh, won the Norwegian
Ch'ship in 1996, and bred many good dogs.
His father Abor was an Italian import, who
was a son of Radentis Gian (mentioned on
the previous page).
Finally, a little tribute to the great French dog Cow Boy des Rives de l'Estrigon, who greatly impressed
me at the 1991 World Championship in Italy. I decided already then that I had to get hold of some of
his blood lines. Cow Boy bred well both in France and in Denmark (with three different bitches).
My Norwegian import Moulin was by the Danish import to Norway Kogtveds E. Philip (a son of Cow
Boy). Cow Boy was trained and handled by the French professional Daniel Provost. He also
successfully bred from Cow Boy in his kennel de l'Echo de la Foret.
Cow Boy daughter Jaffa de Behigo (left), his son
Hyper de l'Echo de la Foret (middle) and Swedish
Ohlsmyrens Tuva (right).