Some of the1990s Agertoften dogs
Jørgen with Agertoften Darwin & Diarmid and their mother Agertoften Silvia
Agertoften Jalco
Agertoften Scott
Isabella, Jytte, Mette & Rossi
Texas av Frygne
Frank-Tommy Olsen
The kennel had a flying start into the 90s with Agertoften Jytte
(Urlev - Lydehøjs Line) winning the Danish Derby in 1991.
Later Jytte’s two litter sisters Mette and Isabella did particularly
well both in shows and trials. The two brothers Rossi and Klaus
were trialled and won some prizes, but did not achieve what he
had hoped. Rossi could be a chapter all by himself, as he was
the greatest talent of them all. I have often claimed that the
French English Setter Cowboy des Rives de l'Estrigon is the
best gundog I have seen. Cowboy might have been the most
complete dog but I think the best hunter I have ever seen
anywhere in the world was Rossi. He had an incurable hunting
passion, hunted absolutely everything, and was fantastic on
everything - pheasant, partridge, hare, deer, fox - whatever -
and he refused to stop hunting any of these. Unfortunately he
didn't have what is considered to be a good style, but ran with a
low head and a dead tail, but he was the greatest and most
reliable bird finder I have ever seen.
In the mid 1980s, Jørgen had one of his best dogs ever in Bob (Rimfaxes Emir - Rimfaxes Dixi), line bred
on Riff C’s daughter Maxelinebelle who was the mother of both Emir (Danish Ch’ship-winner 1981) and
Dixi (Danish Pointer Club elite-dog). Bob was followed by his daughter Lydehøjs Line (Bob - Kirkebjergs
Sus) who Jørgen handled to dual champion, and in 1989 she became the foundation bitch when the kennel
got the Agertoften prefix registered.
Jørgen bred Pointers at Agertoften
even before he had the name
registered, using his great dogs of
the 1970s: INTCh Riff C
(Oksby Fly - Tessa) and the 1977
Danish Derby-winner Alsbjergs Don
(Riff C - Alsbjergs Mette and their
daughters Sadina and Pigas Katja.
He bred a bitch called Kitt who
came 4th in the Derby when she
was only one year old.