The '94-litter
Agertoften Santos, handled by Jørgen to several good
results in Denmark, later sold to Eilif Tveitdal, Norway.
Agertoften Silvia, here with Anne-Mette.
I had her until she was 2 1/2 years old, then I left
Denmark and she has been used as a brood bitch in
kennel Agertoften (first with Texas av Frygne,
then with Agertoften Kazan).
Agertoften Søm was sold to Jørn Wølner in
Norway, where he has sired 8 litters with 7
different bitches. Here he is photographed as a
young dog with Wølner's friend Svein Borgen
(owner of English Setter kennel Høimyra) at the
World Dog Exhibition in Belgium 1995, where
Søm became best young Pointer.

Jørn Wølner also imported Søm's sister
Agertoften Senja. She eventually ended up with
Sturla Bendiksen's kennel Likkos, where she
bred a couple of litters, and in Rune
Malmberget's Swedish kennel Mostodalen.

A sister called Sandra was sold to Holland, and
another brother Scott came to Norway
(see Scott's own page).
Agertoften Silvia photographed on point.
In late Spring 1994 Jørgen and I drove to Holland with Agertoften Isabella, visiting Wim & Ilona Joustra
who had the brilliant pointers Quenta and her daughter Marit and son Mohawk. All out of pure Italian lines.
Like Isabella herself, her pups were born on 22nd July, Jytte & Jørgen's wedding anniversary date.
It turned out to be perhaps the best pointer litter I have ever seen.
Agertoften Santos (right) photographed with his uncle
Agertoften Jalco mid 1990s, when Jalco was a force
in AK, Brugskl. and VK trials while Santos won UK
(novice) at Danish Pointer Club's main trial and later
also got his 1.AK and VK-ticket.
Wim Joustra with Mohawk at a trial we
attended in Germany. This was a year after
his pups were born and again he put on an
excellent performance in the field.
Amongst many top performances that he is
remembered for, the most memorable is
the fantastic brace against ES Francini's
Tango in the European Championship
where Tango placed 2nd and Mohawk 5th.