About Kennel Northstream..
My grandfather Fridtjof with a young setter
and a young version of me, out fishing and
dog training.
Agertoften Silvia delivers a partridge shot
over her in the situation above (and below)
a couple of days before the Danish Derby
in September 1996.
My breeding programme
Early F-T photos
Some personal reflections...
Northstream is a direct translation of the family name
on my mother's maternal side - Nordstrøm - it also
suits well with me bringing blood lines from the
northern to the souther hemisphere, and being based in
Northland, New Zealand.

I left my native Norway already in 1989, and came to
New Zealand in 1998. I have been lucky enough to
have lived and hunted in both Sweden and Denmark,
and I have travelled extensively with my interest for
gundogs. The English setters and pointers of Europe
have been my main interests and focus points.

I got my huge passion for working gundogs from my
grandfather Fridtjof Hansen. He is the number one
person I can thank for this interest. Later there have
been several other people who have influenced me, but
most significantly this has been Jørgen Andersen in
Denmark. Working with him in his pointer kennel
Agertoften really put all my focus and direction
straight to the point.
My pointer Agertoften Silvia on point. Jørgen ready with the gun.
I have met a lot of interesting gundog people in different
countries, with whom I have enjoyed exchanging views
and most of all listening to. This has been professionals,
semi-professionals and amateurs, all over Europe, America
and Australasia, but the most complete gundog enthusiast I
found here in New Zealand. In Dr Leon Mortensen theory
and practise really were walking hand in hand beautifully.
Sadly Leon passed away on January 7th 2004, but his
legacy will live on for a long time. At his funeral several
speakers summoned up his life as "a gentleman in pursuit
of excellence", and that was exactly him.

I got my Wingfield Warrior from Leon, and together we
imported Lapphaugen's H. Moulin from Norway. My plan
has all along been to try and preserve the unique New
Zealand setter lines. Without Leon the task has become a
bigger challenge, especially as some of the other breeders
are banged up against the wall with severe inbreeding
depressions. Displaying an inability to help themselves I
have had to look elsewhere to find genuine enthusiasts to
keep co-operating with. Luckily that has been the case both
in Australia and in other parts of the world, but the task
ahead is huge.
I especially want to mention Bob Crain breeding from
Northstream Alinghi in his Australian kennel Runanset, first
with Wingfield Will and then with Upperwood Quailpoint,
producing some good running dogs.
In my breeding I am dedicated to produce mentally strong
dogs who will satisfy serious hunters. I want the dogs to
be trainable and to look like good representatives of their
breed. I am striving to get healthy dogs with good
movements, who will function well in demanding weather
and terrain.
Northstream dogs