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September 6th 2009
The New Zealand hunting season ended last weekend.
As always I thoroughly enjoyed being out under open,
endless skies with the dogs. The hunting terrain and
bird numbers varied hugely in quality. The last couple
of weekends I only went out to forest blocks in the
local area and it really was poor. Those areas really
need some tender, love and care before Fish & Game
go out and promote them with hunting permits. They
are so overgrown, with gorse especially, that they're
not even worthy hunting with spaniels - and far from it
for any pointing breeds. You have to be lucky enough
to find birds adjacent to the forestry roads, have good
retrieving dogs and pray that you don't injure any
birds, as retrieves can be tricky in some almost
impenetrable scrub. Other forests and farms where I
frequent have been excellent and inviting for big
running dogs. I shot almost as many pheasants and
quail as I did last year, while the duck season was
nothing compared to previous years.
Aidan Luca in various snap shots
during the past year or so ...
I'm happy to say the dogs are functioning really well and Bella has actually
surpassed Moulin as my main hunting dog. Her ability to find and set birds
combined her ranging, style and passion makes her a joy to walk behind.
Lazy season ahead for the dogs now as I'm seriously gearing up for spring
and summer, with the promise of doing lots of fishing and diving. I have
always managed to keep up my hunting but since my youngest boy was
born three years ago, the fishing & diving has suffered a bit. My oldest
boy Aidan is already completely obsessed both with fishing and hunting,
so he is naturally very much looking forward to this fishing season.
These days we're having a tow bar fitted on a new car (that's the third car
I'm putting a tow bar on - crikey..), having the boat serviced and buying a
new boat motor. The dive cylinders are being pressure tested and regs &
bc being serviced. Bring on the summer weather - I can't wait!!