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October 5th 2009
Danny of Riverbend on point, backed by Arddun B...
The Autumn season started well in Norway for the
Barentsvidda dogs, which pleases me almost as if
it was my own breeding. Kleopatra (Kjakan - Giga)
was the third dog from that litter to get her 1st
Open, while Dolly (Copiad - Giga) got her 1st
Novice in her first start. She followed up this
weekend by reaching the finale in the Unghund
Grand Prix trial (for young dogs with a 1st). This
weekend litter brother Sortebill had his debut on
Kongsvold, where he was tried for 95 minutes but
no birds to be found for any of the dogs. More
about Scandinavian pointers at bottom of this page.
An excellent opportunity has arisen in New Zealand, to combine some of the Wingfield pointer breeding from Joy
Broughton-Mortensen with a UK-import packed with Scandinavian blood. Zharn Urlich, one of my NZ hunting mates,
owns an excellent 5 year old male called Danny of Riverbend (on point in picture above, backed by another pointer
owned by Zharn). Danny is proposed mated to a solid black bitch from Ireland, one of several dogs brought to NZ by an
Irish couple. Her name is See Bree of Ponsonby and she has had one litter with a Crookrise dog. Zharn had a solid
black bitch from that litter on loan last year. See Bree is from Des O'Neile's trialing blood lines, with many strong dogs
behind her. Pedigree follows further down but first a bit about Danny (*Patch*) and See Bree (*Jet*):

I have seen *Patch* in training and also several times hunted with him, from when he was a very young dog. It is a dog
with a lot of natural ability, to cover the ground and set birds. He has had a lot of pheasants and quail shot over him,
and he is also a natural retrieving ducks in water. His father is Tom Richardson's Wingfield Chief, an excellent pointer
(seen in the video INSTINCT and also in the TV-series HUNGER FOR THE WILD). Chief is the brother of Huw Taylor's
Wingfield Cass, who a few years back was one of the strongest trialers in New Zealand. In Patch's pedigree you'll also
Patch on brownie, Zharn ready to flush!
Zharn approaching *Patch*,
set on a single brown quail.
(See the dog under the gun..)
see Huw Taylor's UK-import Oxspring Samson. Samson was a hard running dog
with nice bird work (see INSTINCT video) and his litter sister bred a litter with a
Danish dog, from where several off-springs ended up in Denmark. Also in the
pedigree is Tom Richardson's Wingfield Brogue (who is also displaying some
nice work on pheasants in the INSTINCT video). Brogue was from the very strong
litter where Joy used Innistona Shoot on Sparkfield Souvenir, which also produced
Bonny, Briar and the exceptional Wingfield Banner. To read more about Banner
and other Wingfield dogs, see this part of the Mortensen Tribute Website:
Wingfield dogs

There is also an import from Derry Argue called Advie Flare found twice in
Patch's pedigree. She was known to have been a bit soft, but good on birds, and
was bred from in three different kennels. I got to know one of her daughters well,
owned by the legendary old Danish hunter in the South Island, Agner "Tom"
Zachariassen, and I had the pleasure of hunting over her.
There hasn't been much trialing of Advie pointers in Britain for a couple of
decades, so it could be difficult to assess what they comparatively have to offer.
Though a few years ago I got to know a Swedish woman, Sofia, who in younger
years spent a year working for Derry Argue as a kennel hand. When she left she
was given a pup called Advie Assar (Advie Annan - Advie Dores). Annan's
mother Advie Dulcet was a sister of Advie Flare imported to NZ.  Sofia came from  
a family of dog breeders but Assar was her first pointer. She won some prizes
with him in trials and also had him passing a Swedish Kennel Club mentality test.
I arranged for the hard-running Danish bitch Agertoften Vigen to be sent up to
Sofia and for her to breed a litter from her, using Advie Assar. I thought it was a
very interesting experiment as the Advie lines were little known in Scandinavia and also not present anymore in British
trials. When the litter was born Derry Argue imported one of the pups, a couple went to Denmark, while in Sweden the
male Pax Mariae De Facto did well in trials. The bitch Pax Mariae Dux Femina Facti also got merits in trials and I
suggested for her to be mated with the Norwegian bred dog Blålyngens Tatzmo. (His mother Metrinelunds Sisse was an
excellent trial dog and Sisse's brother Rolf was an influential sire in Denmark. Sisse and Rolf's father was a Swedish
dog I brought to Denmark as a stud dog when I lived there.) The Tatzmo x Femina Facti mating produced Anneborg's
Kiwi who came 5th in the 2007 Swedish Derby and with several other merits. She is today one of the best trialing
pointers in Sweden. I believe we see something similar here in New Zealand - with the strong Wingfield dogs the Advie
lines have turned out well and given sensible workers with strong bird sense.
The solid black colour comes via the Italian import Echednei Heidi. Her sire was a mix of Danish (line bred on Ferreos
Tom and Boga-lines via Clastidium) and Finnish via Sasking Mao back to Masterline's Diamond Ace. Just like all solid
black pointers in Scandinavia, also these dogs trace back to Ace...  It is a small world indeed!
Echednei Hendi's mother is a mix of della Marciola and Veronello. (There is also plenty of Veronello behind many of the
English dogs behind Danny of Riverbend.) Further back also the legendary Italian pointer Sernos del Bocia etc..
Pedigree Danny of Riverbend
See Bree (*Jet*) imported to NZ.        Litter brother Ballincoher Barcley (*Jalad*).    Echednei Hendi (Italian import).    
Pedigree See Bree of Ponsonby
Echednei Hendi is found twice in this pedigree. With Slieveanorra The
Shifter she produced FTCh Bold as Brass. Bold went on to produce
FTCh Sugarloaf Bold, with the Irish Champion Stake winner Flo-Jo.
(Two pups from an earlier Flo-Jo litter went to Sweden.)
As seen in the pedigree, Bold is See Bree's father.
Echednei Hendi also had a litter with the Brazilian import Apulae Roi,
which produced Des O'Neile's striking top dog Prince of Darkness (top
left picture, with his sire Roi below). There is a lot of interesting pointer
blood in South America, and in the 1960s Celso Caiuby Novaes often
visited Europe and arranged for top blood lines to be imported from
France, Italy and Scandinavia. In Sweden he was on good terms with
among others Gustaf Björck and Ivan Swedrup. The most important
stud dog imported to Brazil in those days was Black Luckys Dart
(Mariebergs Garrick - Black Luckys Lola) who won the Swedish
Guldpokalen trophy in 1974. Anyway, Apulae Roi came from Brazil but
he was pure Danish, from more recent imports. His father was
Bredbjerggårds Tim (Rimfaxes Emir - Bredbjerggårds Liva) and the
mother was Bogas Katja (Bogas Jaika - Bogas Danillo).
Emir and Liva were well known dogs with lots of Boga-lines and Oksby
Fly / Ferreos Tom behind, while the pedigrees behind Jaika and Danillo
are packed with Bogas Chock and more
Oksby Fly / Ferreos Tom etc..
The important English sire FTCh Wishy Washy of Spinningloch is also line bred behind See Bree while FTCh
Spinningloch Topper, through Oxspring Samson, is found behind Danny of Riverbend. Through the Sparkfield side
behind Danny is also FTCh Max Sparkfield of Dorvalstan further behind, and of course also the heavy presence of the
Northern Irish Innistona, which Joy found to be the perfect marriage for her her Sparkfield lines. Joy was one of the great
pointer patriots downunder and I very much believe she would have approved of a mating like this.
Any active hunter or trialist, wherever they are, are welcome to express their interest in a pup to Zharn Urlich or to the
Ponsonby breeders Kath Lodge & Pete Gillott. I'm also happy to provide further info. Zharn can be reached at this
As I have stated several times, also on these pages, the only
thing that really matters when breeding birddogs is to
produce longevity. Dogs of the right quality that survives
down through the generations. This time I will focus on
pointer lines, which I have been lucky to have been heavily
involved with for almost 20 years.
I had a very close working relationship with Jørgen Andersen
at Agertoften kennels, Denmark. (See more in links.) There
were several people who criticized some of the choices we
made though several outstanding dogs were the result.
In later years Jørgen has focused on line breeding heavily on
a mix of Agertoften and the Norwegian Bjørklund kennel. His
focus always being efficient bird finders over flashy runners.
The Agertoften/Bjørklund combination originates from the
mating FTCh Texas av Frygne (Sir Satan - Agertoften
Isabella) x Bjørklunds C2 Gaisa (Jo-Kjells Clint - Ylajalis CD),
Barentsviddas Sortebill (Black Luckys Copiad - Giga) left,
Barentsviddas Mafia (Kjakan - Giga) right. Giga centre.
which produced a top dog like FTCh Lyngborgs I Vi-To. Jørgen has
kept breeding some of Vi-To's siblings back into his female Agertoften
line. This still seem to be a work in progress and he has now aquired
three pups from the combination INTCh Hjalleses Glenn (Altegeinos
Garm - Mølvads Cleo) x Bendt's A Ditte (ÖBs XL - Jantors Rikke). ÖBs
XL by INT.FTCh ÖBs Try, a dog who put a solid mark on Scandinavian
pointer breeding. Jantors Rikke by the Polish dog Borys od Raroga and
DKCh Anja (Metrinelunds Rolf - Reintoft A Senta). Anja's brother Kendo
sired last year's Danish Ch'ship-winner Boelsgaards Paw. It will be
interesting to follow the progress of Jørgen's plans here.

In Norway veteran breeder/handler Einar Holmvik has experienced a lot
of recent success with where he has taken his blood lines. In particular
through his male dog Bjørklunds K Cito (Kjakan - Bjørklunds C Clinta).
The weekend just gone he won Norwegian Pointer Club's championship,
with 1st prize in the Friday qualification, Saturday's semifinale and Sunday's finale. An outstanding achievement!  
In Sweden Cito was bred into Agertoften lines last year, siring litters with Lyngborgs Vi-To and Pax Mariae Dux Femina
Facti. I suggested both Cito and Blålyngens Tatzmo (Ylajalis Isak - Metrinelunds Sissi) to be used on Femina Facti.
The latter was used first, read more about that on my blog and more about Bjørklunds K Cito on Holmvik's
Cito's father Kjakan was a dog I tried to encourage breeders to give a chance at stud,
without too much response. In fact the only one who at first responded to it was Hans
Nikolajsen in Denmark. He used Kjakan on his bitch Mølvads Cleo (whom he later bred
with Altegeinos Garm before he did a re-mating with Kjakan). The first litter was born in
2002 and produced at least three very talented young dogs, best known was Hjalleses
Kaos - who unfortunately died not long after he had started making his mark in Danish
trials. That breeding result confirmed my strong belief that it was a dog to be regarded as
stud. Einar Holmvik bred the K-litter from Kjakan in 2004. The following year Kjakan also
mated another Norwegian bitch and my mate Geir B. Larssen's Italian import Giga.
Three of the four dogs from the Giga litter, who have started in trials, have achieved 1st
Open and their championship ticket. (Aragorn, Mafia & Kleopatra.)
I believe Kjakan's underrated abilities as stud mirrors the status of the Swedish pointer
Axelas Bugg, who I brought to Denmark as stud. I certainly got some criticism for that,
though I don't think many today would underrate the progeny he left with the bitch Sorfi.
The son Metrinelunds Rolf became one of the most important studs in Danish pointer
breeding for several decades. Numerous off-springs have done well in all the top trials in
Denmark. In the past few days his daughter Makeo's Mai (Danish Championship winner)
is also behind the winners of the biggest Swedish trials. Mørups Britta won the Swedish
Derby and Mørups Krumme won the Swedish Championship yesterday. Of course I
haven't been involved in these litters but it's good to see that Bugg's lines are surviving.
Also through Rolf's sister Metrinelunds Sissi, mentioned above.