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March 2010
The annual Paradise Shelduck hunt in the last weekend of February has just been. As tradition has been for quite a few
years now, my hunting mate Craig and I spent the Saturday morning on the farm outside Kaikohe. This time my boy
Aidan also came along. Now we just have to wait until May for the proper hunting season to kick off again.
The pictures are from the past four-five years of the February parrie-hunt, with silhouettes, camouflage nets et al.
Often it's quite warm, as seen on this year's photos in shorts and sandals... Something different to my Arctic upbringing!
Bella in 2006
F-T and Moulin February 2008
F-T and Moulin at 2008 parrie hunt
F-T and Aidan with Bella & Line and some of the parries on 27.02.2010
Moulin on February 24th 2008
F-T and Craig 2010
The Paradise Shelduck is a large goose-like duck endemic to New Zealand.
They were hunted by Maori already before European settlement but the population really
exploded with Europeans cultivating the land, and also benefited from the work hunting groups
and societies did by further creating good habitats. The huge increase in bird numbers hasn't
only been positively received, as the shelducks can be to some nuisance for farmers. This is in
particular the case at this time of the year, when the parries gather in big flocks and raid on new
crop. To try and do some compensation to this, Fish & Game introduced the annual February
hunt - only targeting Paradise Ducks. The farm where Craig and I hunt saw 33 parries taken on
Saturday February 27th. There are many more left and we'll probably shoot the occasional
parrie later during the normal duck season.
A curry is an excellent alternative for use of Paradise duck meat
Parrie curry - made
by my friend Randhir