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August 2012
We spent the entire month of July back home in North
Norway. For once I didn't time a trip back with the hunting
season but instead aimed for summer and fishing.
Aidan was in fishing heaven and Finn quite enjoyed it
too. Finn in particular enjoyed freshly caught trout fried
over an open fire and also caught his first Arctic Cod.
Aidan caught lots of fish, including Cod, Saithe, Pollock
and Haddock in the ocean, while in fresh water he caught
his first six Brown Trout and had a go at seagoing trout
and Char as well. We didn't get around to have a go
after Halibut or spearing flounder but while we were there
my mate Geir caught a couple of Halibut (I know I should
F-T fishing in Ofotfjorden
have come with him that day..) and my uncle Jack has also been catching them.
Good to have something to look forward to next time!
One thing with the outdoors in Northern Norway (inside
the Arctic Circle) is that the weather can change very
quickly. Finn's good size cod is surfacing in the photo
above (in my late grandfather's boat). The wind & rain
beating him in the face on our way out (middle picture) in
Tjeldsundet. Pictured far left is Aidan with a slightly
smaller cod off the rocks in Ofotfjorden.
Below Aidan and my brother Knut in trout country..
Knut landing a trout (above) and waiting for me to help Aidan
across the river after we'd had some heavy rain.
My wife Hayley in the pub of the World's northernmost
brewery, Mack in Tromsø. My sister also introduced me to
an excellent American made beer from the Flying Dog
brewery. Who would have thought that to come out of USA...
Knut gets the coffee ready and with me at Skarven, Tromsø.
Lofoten-poster, Finn on mountaintop,
trout pictured just after midnight..