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Welcome to a new version of my website. Most of the information from the old
pages can still be found here, all of them with some brief updates.
In addition there are a few changes with extra pages including an up to date blog.
This website will now again feature more on my escapades with fishing and
diving, in addition to the hunting and bird dogs. That's actually also how my
original website started out in its early stages 7-8 years ago. That quickly
developed into only enveloping pointers & setters I've been involved with.
September 2009
We write September 2009, the worst time
of the year to be away from Norway. It
beats our Constitution Day 17th of May
and Christmas. September is when
summer officially has left and autumn
arrived with its colours and a new hunting
season. It's the end of the trout season in
the mountains but a time still to spend on
the coast spearing flounders in clear
waters. Though most importantly it's the
start of our grouse season (ptarmigan /
willow grouse and black grouse).
How are the bird numbers this year
compared with the past couple of years?
In the past I also hunted moose, both in
Norway and in Sweden when I lived there.
I can easily admit I come from a family of
bird hunters and birds are what we do
best. That is also why bird dogs have got
a central position in my life, and the
autumn trial season also starts in
September in Scandinavia. As usual
when I'm not there I have to keep myself
updated through friends by phone and
email. Still my most important trial scene.
The first ptarmigan of the 2007 season, which was
the last time I was back home in Norway.
The gun is my beautiful 16 gauge Simson Suhl which
I had the luck of acquiring when I lived in Denmark in
the 1990s. The previous owner had it for thirty years
and only fired about two hundred shots with it. It was
well looked after and bascially in brand new condition.
Here in New Zealand I primarily use a 12 gauge AyA
of approx the same age, not as nice to look at or to
handle and much tighter. Though I have grown
accustomed to my AyA and shoot well with it.
Lapphaugen's Moulin, setter-import
from Vesterålen, North Norway,  
enjoying the first daylight at the
Pacific Ocean beach surf of
Whangarei Heads, New Zealand.
Are there any bird dog on the planet
who ever travelled further??
Kasan I
Kasan II
See pedigree here..