Breeding - part two...
For Moulin's second litter I used my own dog Wingfield Warrior. This decision was not done emotionally.
I don't have any personal desire to use a dog because he is in my own house hold.
On the other hand, if the dog didn't have potential as a stud dog I probably wouldn't have kept him. Again I get Woody's
lines, as he is Warrior's father, but I also get the female line from Wingfield, which includes the old NZ blood lines and
the Sharnberry imports. Warrior and his siblings are the ones with the highest presence of Sharnberry Shooter (3 times in
their pedigree). Warrior and his sister Winterbreeze are also two of the Woody-progeny whom have appealed most to me.
Their grand-dame Wingfield Token was an exceptional pheasant dog and the most winning birddog ever in New Zealand.
I also discussed this combination with Leon and he agreed it was a combination that should be tried. Warrior has
consistently performed well in different trials and hunting. He has an excellent nose, good movements and high
trainability. He has been healthy and hardy, with very good pigmentation.
Wingfield Warrior in gallop
Wingfield Warrior
Moulin had that second litter shortly after Leon passed away. Since then it's
sad to conclude that the NZ setter breeding has been on a downturn spiral.
I have also quit the NZ trials, which all were a bit of a joke. Not worth
spending space about on these pages as they are none of my problem. If
people want to spend time attending those it's up to them, I just continue to
keep my eye and interest on Europe. The latest import from Europe was
Vårhaugens Gus. He was from one of several litters I found and contacted
the breeders by mail and phone about. Leon agreed with the Gus-litter and he
was imported by a third party. He is a well-bred dog, with siblings
performing well in Norway, and I was interested in breeding from him. That
was not happening when I was told I had to pay double mating fee and I
wasn't allowed to sell any of the pups to Australia. A bit surprising
considering I organized the import and quite ironic that the breed now is
dying in NZ and blossoming in Australia from using dogs I have bred...
Northstream Alinghi just before being exported to Victoria, Australia
Northstream Alinghi on set, 11 weeks old
The pups in the A-litter at 5 weeks old
The Woody/Moulin pups at five weeks old.
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