North Norway once upon a time
Hunting, fishing and dogs were all things I grew up with from an early age,
and they remain as life time interests.
At the age of five, with Passop, a new
English Setter pup in the family.
A young and handsome dude with a
Saithe ("sei").
The first Kasan with a couple of winter
ptarmigan shot over him. Kasan was the
dog that really made me interested in
gundogs, and in particular passionate
about English Setters.
F-T & Jack hunting moose in late autumn 1986.
A very young F-T posing with a fox.
My grandfather shot several hundred
foxes during many a winter night, and
through our entire childhood my brother
and I used to accompany him while
waiting for the fox to come to the bait.
A lot was expected by small people in
those days. Here F-T is having a rest with
Linka, not an English Setter, but she did a
lot of retrieving and tracking for my
grandfather Fridtjof.
Kasan II.
F-T having a refreshment while hunting ptarmigan
in Kongsvikdalen, late 1980s.