English Pointers
The English pointer can be the most noble, elegant and
impressive of all bird dogs. It's a breed which
demands to have the absolute beauty to go with their
working abilities. A lot of pointers unfortunately don't
have that noble elegance, and completely misses out
on the x-factor.

I dare suggest, that the highest quality of dual purpose
pointers in the 20th century came from Denmark.
Especially from the 1930s - 1980s their pointers were
in high demand all over the world.
The pointers from Denmark boosted the blood lines
from the Arctic to the Vatican to the Shah of Iran.
Italy got hold of some offsprings from the French top
dog Xocrate du Harlay and imported several Danish
dogs to mix with their blood lines. Most importantly
probably through the kennels Clastidium and del Bocia.
Countries like France, Germany, Belgium and Holland
followed this up. During the past 50 years Italy and
France have produced some stunning pointers, both
with the right looks and top functional working
abilities. There is also today excellent pointer material
to be found in Scandinavia.
As with all the other breeds Britain of course split the
pointers between show- and field trial dogs.
Some of the worst looking pointers I've ever seen I
saw in Britain, which was most disappointing.
The best looking pointer I saw in England had been
dead for nearly 100 years, stuffed and on display in a
museum, which was William Arkwright's champion
Sea Breeze who died in 1905.
Still there are good pointers left in Britain, and some of
those lines have made their way to Australia and New
Zealand as well. Here in New Zealand Joy Broughton
Mortensen (Wingfield) did a huge job breeding and
handling pointers to top results, among others using
stock from Sparkfield and Innistona.
In recent years there have been imported dogs with a
lot of Spinningloch blood, with some Italian Veronello
/ del Bocia blood in the back of the pedigrees.
All the dogs above had the same mother:
Agertoften Isabella, who was trained and
handled by Jørgen Andersen and myself.