English Setters
ES in New Zealand
ES in Europe
American ES
The English Setter has been my breed since early
childhood. A medium sized dog with a pleasant
temperament and a strong hunting passion.
If you get a dog from proper working lines, there is a
fairly good chance it will be born with natural instincts to
hunt and set birds.

There can still be considerable differences from one
country to another, or even within a country, from lines
to lines, kennels to kennels. A huge factor to this is the
type of hunting conducted, type of terrains and also how
well adapted the field trials are as an instrument to
measure the abilities of the gene pool, and through that
assess the potential breeding dogs.

The quest to find and match breeding material to achieve
better results, within all aspects of hunting abilities,
movements, health and looks is my main interest. In
addition of course to enjoy my days shooting over the
dogs, whether it's on upland game like grouse/ptarmigan,
pheasant, partridge or quail, or a wider range including
ducks, geese, turkeys and peacocks.

Through the years I have tried to understand past and
present of the English Setter breed around the world.
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IR.FTCh The Blue Maestro, Woody's grand-father.