English Setters in New Zealand
FTCh Sharnberry Shooter
The imports
I will only focus on the most important imports in the past 30 years. There were of course several
imports before that, most noticeably Downsman Niobe who were imported in utero to Downsman
Brookfield. That litter gave the two important stud dogs Windfield Ashley & Ch Windfield Ace.
(Note: Windfield was not Leon's kennel Wingfield.)

Sharnberry Shooter. Father: Mattahroo (Moka de la Salle Verte - Lemoni),
Mother: Sharnberry Fleur (Sharnberry Redbracken - Sharnberry Grouse).

Sharnberry Quin. Father: Sharnberry Duke (Wassetfell Jem - Little Do-Di of Sharnberry),
Mother: Sharnberry Breeze (Bringwood Caprice - Little Do-Di of Sharnberry).

Kiki Gem. Father: Sharnberry Donald (Bringwood Caprice - Little Do-Di of Sharnberry),
Mother: Gwendolyns Kandy (Sharnberry Dougal - Sharnberry Clara).

Glenowlen Gameridge. Father: Tyone Banner (Ardnacrusha Banner - Lady Patricia of Usnagh),
Mother: Glenowlen Impact (Posternpark Banjo - Glenowlen Crest).

Chywoon Entrepreneur of Jonsmae. Father: Wee Piper of Jonsmae (Jonsmae Ranger -
Clevedale Plover),
Mother: Iken Gipsy (The Blue Maestro - Our Lassie).
Grand FTCh FCh Chywoon Entrepreneur of Jonsmae
Sharnberry Quin
Grand FTCh FCh Wingfield Token
Grand FTCh FCh Wingfield Token
New Zealand's most winning gundog
Thanks to the late Dr Leon Mortensen (Wingfield)
the English setter breed has been shaped into
something special in New Zealand.

Leon alone made sure to preserve the old NZ stock
of "North Auckland Pheasant Dogs", originated from
top British field trial stock many decades ago, and
moulded into fit the rough New Zealand shooting
conditions at the time. Then, in particular together
with Ian Hendren (Game Ridge), Leon made sure
that some of the very best British Sharnberry blood
lines came to New Zealand. Today New Zealand is
the only place in the world with such a high
concentrate of Sharnberry lines.

Leon played a big part in all other imports as well,
and he led the way as an exceptional breeder, hunter,
trainer and trialist. Sadly Leon passed away in
January 2004. He is greatly missed, but his legacy
Sharnberry Shooter was imported by Leon in the
early 1970s. His father was the exceptional dog
Mattahroo, while his mother was Sharnberry Fleur
(later exported to France). Shooter was a very
impressive and hard running dog. Initially Leon feared
Shooter's huge format would be too much in his
progeny for normal hunters. Though, in particular as
a grand-sire, Shooter was a success in the breeding,
also when line bred on him. Leon also made Shooter a
FTCh and won the North Island Championship.
In 1980 Leon imported Sharnberry Quin, who mostly
was handled by Graham Little (who earlier had great
success with Shooter-son Grand FTCh Wingfield
Fabian). Quin was quite a different dog to Shooter,
being small and not so hard-headed and big running.
Instead he had an incredible flair for working wild
pheasants, which he also bred on to his progeny.
Because of Quin's great bird work, Leon helped Ian
Hendren to import Kiki Gem out of very similar lines.
Chywoon Entrepreneur of Jonsmae ("Woody") was
imported from England in 1997, in partnership
between Leon Mortensen (Wingfield) and Noel Allen
(Berryfield). He was initially trained and handled by
Leon, but later Noel took over.
Woody has been an exceptional trial dog and has put a
very strong mark on the pups he has left.
Leon as usual had done some serious research before
importing. In fact the five most important setter males
in Britain the past 25 years are all found in the
pedigree. These are:
Wee Piper of Jonsmae (his father), The Blue Maestro (his mother's father), Tyone Banner (who was
the father of The Blue Maestro), Storeskars G. Snorre (a Norwegian import to Ireland) and Sharnberry
Donald (who was also the father of Kiki Gem imported to New Zealand). On Woody's maternal side his
grandmother Our Lassie was a litter sister of The Queen (mother of Lefanta Patsy).
6. Lapphaugens H. Moulin. Father: Kogtveds E. Philip (Cow Boy des Rives de l'Estrigon -
Kogtveds B. Penni),
Mother: Lapphaugens E. Evita (Sletthallens Raijo - Smijjeteigens Arja).

Vårhaugens Gus. Father: Skrubbhaugens Tellus (Jøldalens Tell - Modalens May-Li),
Mother: Vårhaugens Ira (Hallråas Shan - Trixi P. Coppersmith).
The Sharnberry lines
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