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Leon Mortensen Tribute
Tribute to my late friend the Wingfield

World Wide Fish Identification

Wade Doak
New Zealand's greatest living scuba pioner,
from the early days exploring the ocean
with people like Kelly Tarlton. He is the
author of numerous books and today also a
leading conservationist downunder.
His website is sponsored by my sister-in-law
Melanie, another big enthusiast for life uw.

Pete Mesley
One of the most experienced technical
divers downunder. He has a great passion
for ship wrecks, or "lust for rust".
Dive Global
Excellent international dive website.

Leading Australian dive website.

A divemaster's guide to some NZ dive spots.

Crispin Middleton, an English uw-photographer
now based here in Northland, New Zealand.
Agertoften pointers My pages about Jørgen Andersen's Danish kennel.
Agertoften pictures Danish page about Jørgen's dogs through the years
Myrteigen Legendary Norwegian pointer & English setter kennel.
Frygne Jørn Wølner's Norwegian pointer & English setter kennel.
Barentsvidda Geir B. Larssen's Norwegian pointer kennel
English Setters & Pointers in Hunting & Trials Facebook page with Setter
and Pointer history contributions from Jørn Wølner and myself. Like the
page to see the updates as they happen.
Email: Frank-Tommy Olsen