Progeny of Lapphaugen's H. Moulin
The males:

ARAGORN - A very powerful and hard running dog
with excellent ranging. The owner originally purchased
him purely as a trial dog, but Aragorn has also become
his main hunting dog. He had a fantastic first hunting
season in 2004 and has also fully displayed his talent in
field trials. I look much forward to follow him at
championship level in the time ahead.

ANDRETTI - His owner claims he was the boldest pup
he has ever had, but as it has turned out he has also
been a very trainable dog. At 2 1/2 years old he is now
working well, mainly on pheasants, at Bendigo Station.
"Tay" as he is called, has sired a litter with Berryfield
Frill (also a daughter of Woody), giving 6 female pups.

ATWOOD - Stylish, very good looking dog. Working
endangered species for Department of Conservation
(DOC), he has been trained to work in close contact
with his owner. However he is constantly displaying an
excellent nose and he is probably the best working dog
on kiwi, kakapo and brown teal within the organisation.
The females:

ARWEN - Bought by a 16-year old (now 18) who is a passionate hunter. Both the owner and his
father have been impressed by Arwen, describing her as having great natural instincts. She has
produced some excellent pheasant shooting for them, and hopefully we'll soon also see her in field

ARIET - One of the biggest talents from Moulin's first litter. She showed already from an early age
some excellent work for Department of Conservation. Unfortunately she died in an accident and never
got to reach her full potential.

ANGULERA - Owned by a fly fishing guide in the South Island, who was very impressed with
Angulera's natural huntig abilities on pheasant, quail and ducks. He also purchased Bjork from Moulin's
second litter.

ANYA - Sold to a family in Rotorua, where father and sons are hunters. Anya replaced their old setter
and she is a dog full of action. I have a suspicion that she hasn't necessarily been the easiest of dogs all
the time.

ALINGHI - Possibly the best female in the first litter. She was sold to an American living in Australia,
who has converted from spaniels to setters. He has done an excellent job with her hunting the big
Australian fields on stubble quail. She has now also started in her first field trials and we'll hear much
more from her. Alinghi is the pup from that first litter who I think most resemble her father Woody.
BLAZE - For a long time I was considering Blaze
to be the pup I would keep from the B-litter. In
the end she was sold to the same people who
earlier had Ariet, to work endangered birds in
Fiordland for Department of Conservation.

BLUE BELLE - "Bella" is the pup I have kept in
the kennel. Both her looks and her personality are
definitely a mix from both her parents. I think
she is the most stylish dog I have had in the
field. She has showed a lot of natural ability and
she is hunting with a lot of passion. If I should
put the finger on something, it would be that she
could be a little bit bigger.

BLUE TOKEN - This female looks very much
like a replica of her father (Warrior). She was
sold to the South Island, mainly to be hunting
Californian quail. I last saw her when she was
five months old. That time the owner also had
the opportunity to shoot a couple of quail over
Warrior. Since then Token has perhaps been the
earliest developed pup from the B-litter. From
what I am told she has from an early age done
everything by the book, giving the owner and his
son a good first season.

BREEZE - Another Department of Conservation
dog, in training on kiwis in particular, based at
Trounson Kauri Park. The owner, who also has
Berryfield Flirt, has also received some
assistance in the training from Atwood's owner.

BJÖRK - Same owner as Angulera, who is
hunting pheasant, quail and ducks with his dogs.

BRITT - Was in the hands of one of the most
experienced dog trainers you'll find anywhere,
the late Tom Zachariassen who was 94 yrs old
when he got Britt as a pup. She was trained to
perfection, both to retrieve and to range and find
birds. Her main game in the South Island is
Californian quail and she is now in the hands of a
hunter whom in younger years, with his brother,
had Zachariassen as a mentor.
8 pups born 03.02.2003 (by Chywoon Entrepreneur of Jonsmae)
8 pups born 28.02.2004 (by Wingfield Warrior)
Northstream Andretti
Northstream Atwood
Pictured from the top:
Northstream Aragorn, Andretti & Atwood
Northstream Blue Belle 1 year old
Northstream Arwen opening weekend of 2005 hunting season
Northstream Angulera 3 months old, and kind of retrieving a duck..
Northstream Anya 5 months old
Northstream Alinghi in Victoria, Australia
Northstream Blaze 4 weeks old
Pictured: Northstream Arwen (top left),
Anya (centre left), Blaze (bottom left),
Angulera (top right) & Alinghi (bottom right).
Zachariassen with Northstream Britt
Northstream Blue Belle 12 months old
Tom Zachariassen with a 4 months old
Northstream Britt
BEBETO - A very similar dog to half-brother
Atwood, good-size tricolour, trained to work in
close contact and with excellent bird work.
I have hunted over Bebeto on a couple of
occasions this season, and he showed some
very mature work for a 14 month old. He ran
in a Novice trial already at six months old, and
performed well in an Open trial in August this year.
BOYD - Quite similar type like half-brother
Aragorn. Before the hunting season started he
was staying with Tom Zachariassen for a while
to get his retrieving polished. Boyd was the
setter featured in TV One's programme Country
Calendar in July 2005. His main game in the
South Island is Californian quail.
Northstream Bebeto 6 months old, September 2004
Northstream Bebeto setting at 6 months old,
at a training day in Pointer & Setter Club.
Handler Brian Herlihy and John Gaskin approaching.
Northstream Breeze in training,
with half-brother Atwood in the background.
Both dogs work for Department of Conservation.
Northstream Breeze and Northstream Atwood
Northstream Aragorn