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A few pics from our boys' weekend January 15th/16th 2011
Aidan Ho, Ben Gray, Craig Wells, Chris Tansley, Mike Tansley, Mark Shaw, Randhir Sewgolam, Simon Knox & FTO
What a bunch of guys!! We drove out in the middle-of-nowhere, past Pigs Head Rd out Whananaki way, where the
enigmatic Dr Ho lives. We had piled 5 kayaks on the cars, ready for a serious afternoon fish even further out in nowhere
land (read: complete wops!). First thing in the morning however, we trotted up on the hill of Aidan's neighbours place to
demolish a few claybirds. I'm not sure how Aidan actually ended up out there and has to travel across three lakes and
four counties to get to work every morning - but his neighbour Shane got lost in his helicopter, landed on that very hill
and has since been farming and trying to repair the helicopter to get the hell out of there again. Oh, the people we meet!
Two claybird-throwers, operated by Craig (away from the camera) and Ben (closest to the camera).
The trigger-puller (if there is such a word) is the baby and mascot in the group, Mike Tansley, a North-London boy now
surrounded by cows and green hills and armed men in shorts & sun cream. Come On You Spurs!!!
Admittingly this photo provokes a lot of different emotions. Randhir, provocatively dressed in a South African football
shirt, with shotgun & ear muffs. After about 50 rounds we could breath our relief that he started hitting the occasional
saucer going past him. For the time being I think we prefer that he gets involved after the shooting is done, which in
hunting terms means in the kitchen where he's a master at plucking, chopping and cooking whatever succumbed at the
hands of us more manly, primitive, hunter-gatherer types. In fact, I live with a lawyer who is drawing up a contract...
We had more confidence in Marksman-Mark, who showed off quite a talent in splitting clays into tiny little pieces!
He's just back from a few years in Cambridgeshire in England and also caught the most fish in the afternoon. However
he was kind of cheating when fishing, as he decided to take a kayak up the estuary, with veeery light gear, where he
settled in catching yellow-eyed mullets. What kind of fishing club do you think we are??
This leads us back to our boy Mike, who's fishing like a man. While some of us battled the swell in the kayaks, he opted
to fish off land with his old man. Just to show off to other beach goers he dragged a stingray on land. He further
proceeded to flick the damn thing onto its back and managed to get the hook out of its mouth. Then the good Samaritan
dragged it back into the surf, kissed it on both cheeks and bid it farewell. The stingray thanked him by just catching the
top of his hand with its poisonous stinger. Lucky for him it didn't penetrate the skin too deep. At the time he didn't tell
anyone that his hand "went a bit numb" and he started dribbling from every orifice of his body. Until next time the
question remains whether he's one very brave young man - or just utterly mad...
Sorry, but I also can't help but posting these photos of our Olympic wannabes Ben & Simon....     
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