- pointers & setters -
Hunting - Fishing - Diving
Ben in the back has resigned and looking forward to getting
wet. Simon is still trying to keep the ship on course...
Ben slowly reappearing, frighteningly resembling the Loch
Ness monster. Simon is nowhere to be seen... yet..
Poster-boy Aidan Ho shaking his head over
the kayaking amateurs, before paddling out
in the rolling swells, fantasising of wet sea
nymphs and lost Swedish mermaids....
Back at the HQ, poor old Frankie Oliver had to
get straight into kitchen duties. Here in the flames
with some Middle Eastern flavoured quail - shot
by Craig & yours faithfully last hunting season.
Scandinavia was well
represented that
evening in the New
Zealand back-blocks
It turned out a beautiful night in good company!
Lucky for the possums in the trees around us we had run out of
ammo that morning.. Ben, Craig & Chris still in good shape, while
Simon also had appeared from one wet element, joining another!
That quail must be tasty... but
Randhir still manages to smile..
The band is getting comfortable, before Eye of the Tiger, some brilliant Ben Harper and
numerous versions of Wonderwall fronted by Simon Gallagher & The Chrissy Spurs!
PS. The Pigs Head Award for biggest bruise on his arm/shoulder went to our snooker master Mr Tansley Senior.
He did eventually work out the path of the shotgun pellets and mathematically joined them with the clay clad birds!
(I think he also concluded that the clays we found whole afterwards, with a single pellet through them, were all his.)
Birthday-boy Ben got a beautiful pancake as soon as we passed midnight, then stole the show until the small hours of
the morning with his guitarra, while Simon Garfunkel became a new dad less than 24 hrs later. (Well done Laura for
being such a good girl holding on! Who said pelvic floor muscle exercise doesn't work?!) The young hoon started
showing off his dance moves, while Randhir picked up the Hindu rap (those pics have been sen
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