DKJCh Agertoften Jalco

Jalco backing Myrteigens Ola-Per, on a trip Jørgen did with Olav Schjetne for a couple of weeks in 1995, hunting, training and trialing in the Norwegian mountains.

Litter sister Sonja to the left (who I had) and Jalco giving us a fantastic experience showing their natural skills on pheasants in sugar beets, only 6 months old. Sonja certainly was a hunting dog to remember – fantastic movements, great ranging, perfect contact, never took a wrong step on a bird, always backed if required, excellent retriever – but even though she took a few prizes in trials she wasn’t very competitive, certainly not to the level Jalco reached.

Jørgen with Jalco in the seconds after winning the DKK finale brace on a covey of partridges.

Jalco became an excellent winter dog after his move from Denmark to North Norway.

Jørgen with Jalco at Kongsvold, Norway, on the same trip as photo above. Olav won that championship finale with Myrteigens Nico, followed by the excellent ES Tarpans Bruno Capelli.

Jalco just after his biggest victory, the 1995 Danish Kennel Club’s International Trial. With that he also gained his FTCh-title. He won top prizes in trials in Denmark, Germany and Norway.

Jalco pulling the sleigh

Jalco’s father Fighter von der Postschwaige, with several placings at top international trials & Bird Dog of the Year 1991 in Germany.

Jalco retrieving a ptarmigan for Geir in Norway, where he was hunting more than most dogs, but still didn’t loose the obedience Jørgen put into him in DK

Geir’s mate Nils Petter hunting over Jalco

Jørgen five years earlier, with Jalco’s mother Lydehøjs Line after having won the same trial.

Jalco with his two Barentsvidda mates; Agertoften Scott and Setpoint Ibis.