The great ’89-litter

Agertoften Jytte, owner Jan Koch, winner of the Danish Derby 1991.

In 1989 Jørgen used the Swedish dog Urlev (from kennel Västan-Åns) on his dual champion Lydehøjs Line. Urlev was by the Italian import Urlo del Vento (Erodoto del Vento – Vera Cruz del Vento) out of Gona (by Swedish top dogs Groll – Gomorra), and his litter sister Tummelisa won the Swedish Derby.

The pups were born on Jytte & Jørgen’s wedding anniversary on 22nd July and it was a great litter. Best known were the three bitches Agertoften Jytte, Mette and Isabella. The two males Klaus and Rossi should also be mentioned, especially Rossi who was a FANTASTIC dog!

I don’t have a photo of Agertoften Mette but she was owned by Poul Kjær Jensen, kennel Gammelby. She had several good results in Danish field trials. She had two litters, first with Vøggs Yakari, then with Chjang.

F-T with Agertoften Isabella in 1992.

Agertoften Isabella with a roe deer. Isabella was an amazing hunting machine and Jørgen and I alternated between who trained and handled her in trials. She had several prizes in Danish trials and in the World Championship in Holland in 1994 she was the second best dog in the field – beaten only by English Setter Frenk di San Pellegrino, handled by Jose Condado, who won the Championship. Isabella was also a great brood bitch and she had three litters. First kennel Takese borrowed her and had a litter with an ageing Takese As. Jørgen and I then went to Holland and had her mated with the Dutch bred dog out of Italian lines called Mohawk, and finally we sent her to Norway to be inseminated with frozen semen from 1/2-American Sir Satan – those pups were born in kennel Frygne.

Agertoften Rossi – probably the best – most efficient gundog – I have EVER seen anywhere, at any time. Rossi was a true genius, if I ever saw one.

DKCh DKJCh Lydehøjs Line on point (on Spring partridges).

Lydehøjs Line (right) with her father Bob, the solid foundation of Agertoften pointers.