Lapphaugens H. Moulin

Moulin was imported to New Zealand from North Norway in early February 2002.
Moulin set 11 months old.
Litter sisters Moulin and Illu about six weeks old. They were the only females in the litter and both left Norway. Illu was sold to Sweden.
Hayley with Moulin on Ocean Beach, one week after her arrival in New Zealand.
Line with a Kaitaia pheasant in 2004.
Moulin with Warrior after a morning duck shooting.
Craig coming up to Line set on a pheasant.
Line with a Californian quail cock in Puhipuhi forest, the last bird of the 2005 season.
Moulin at 3 months old in the middle of a Norwegian winter.
Moulin with Wingfield Warrior, same day.
Moulin attentively watching Quinn working in 2002.
F-T with Moulin in the 2003 shooting season, with a Paradise Duck and some of the Californian Quail shot over her in the South Island of New Zealand.
Line with a pheasant in 2005.