More Agertoften photos

DKCh Agertoften Donna, young dog of the year in Denmark 2000.

Bob – one of the best dogs Jørgen ever had – with great trial results in 1984-85-86. Bob was by Rimfaxes Emir (Boga Mik x Maxelinebelle) out of Rimfaxes Dixi (Sjas x Maxelinebelle), Maxelinebelle was by Riff C. Bob was the father of Lydehøjs Line.

DKCh DKJCh Lydehøjs Line – Donna’s paternal grandmother and maternal great-grandmother.

Jørgen with Agertoften Emir (Texas av Frygne – Agertoften Donna).

Agertoften Kazan as a young dog, when I had him, he was later sold to Bjarne Johnsen. Kazan was by Takese Dux (Blackfield World Master x Nanna) out of Lydehøjs Line, and he was the father of Agertoften Donna. He also sired a litter in kennel Mølvad.

Agertoften Basse (Agertoften Falco – Lyngborgs I Gaia) represents the kennel today. Linebred on Agertoften and Norwegian Bjørklund lines.