The dogs behind Lapphaugens H. Moulin

The dogs behind Lapphaugens H. Moulin Norwegian Setter-veteran Ivar Brynhildsen (kennel Brynås) with Kogtveds E. Philip as a pup, at the time of importing him to Norway from Denmark. Philip is Moulin’s father and he was a very successful sire in Norwegian Setter breeding. The litter giving Moulin was Philip’s last.
Dual Ch Kogtveds B. Penni is Moulin’s paternal grand-mother. Penni had several litters including two with the French topdog Cowboy des Rives de l’Estrigon.
Lapphaugens E. Evita (Sletthallens Raijo – Smijjeteigens Arja) is Moulin’s mother. Evita had good results in Norwegian trials and Moulin is from her third litter.
Daniel Provost with Cow Boy des Rives de l’Estrigon. This dog hugely impressed me and Kogtved-breeder Valdemar Larsen in the 1991 World Championship.
Evita’s mother Smijjeteigens Arja by Rypskogens Trick x Åsheimens Vicky (Dual Ch Sørheias Pols – Rødskjeggens Raya). Lapphaugen-breeder Kjell Myhra also had a younger full-brother of Arja called NJCh Smijjeteigens Smirre.
Sletthallens Raijo is Evita’s father. He is Norwegian FTCh and carries 3/4 American blood. His father was Voksenkollens Mr Thor (Equimark – Skårungens Norwegian Girl) and his mother was Bird Happy Julia (Pinnacle – Cashmaster’s DD). Pinnacle’s father I’m Oscar was also the maternal grand-father of Equimark, and Equimark’s father Tomoka + Pinnacle’s mother Amber were siblings.
Grouse Ridge Hawk, imported from Thomas Flanagan’s famous American kennel in 1973, by Odd Martinussen in Harstad. Hawk unfortunately only sired one litter. His parents were Grouse Ridge John (Johnson’s Skyrocket Dan – Skyhigh’s Humdinger Fay) and Grouse Ridge Honey (Grouse Ridge Playboy – Grouse Ridge Marge). Marge was a sister of the famous Grouse Ridge Will. Grouse Ridge John, who was both Hawk’s father and maternal great grand-father, was also the father of Tomoka and his litter sister Amber (found behind Sletthallens Raijo).
Rypskogens Trick (Lapphaugens B. Chico – Zita) is Moulin’s maternal great grand-father. Trick was the most winning trial dog in Norway in 1991, among else coming second in the Norwegian Mountain Championship and third in the Norwegian Winter Championship. His brother Rypskogens Rocco won the Winter Championship in 1989 and their sister Rypskogens Maja came second in the Mountain Championship in 1993.
Lapphaugens B. Chico was owned and handled by Myhra himself, and he came 2nd in the 1986 Norwegian Winter championship. Chico was by the US import Grouse Ridge Hawk and Toya (Dual Ch Østvangens Blue White – Kråssådalens Topsy).