The Sharnberry-lines behind our NZ Setters

FTCh Sharnberry Whitestone (FTCh Yankee Bondhu – Strife Bondhu) was probably the most successful
English Setter Britain has ever seen. He won the English Setter Club Challenge Cup six successive years (1951 – 1956), 
and in the next ten years his children and grandchildren won the cup nine times. Whitestone also came 2nd in the Champion Stake 1954. 
He is found several times further back in our setter lines.
FTCh Sharnberry Kandy (Dashing Spot Bondhu – FTCh Waygood Fiona), almost an exact copy of his grandfather Whitestone, with several awards and winning the English Setter Club Challenge Cup in 1961, 1964 and 1966. He also sired dogs like Sharnberry Gillert and FTCh Sharnberry Redbracken.
In the early 1970s Leon Mortensen imported the young dog Sharnberry Shooter (FTCh Mattharoo – FTCh Sharnberry Fleur) from England. His parents were among the best dogs in Britain. His father Mattahroo was later sold to Japan, and his mother Fleur sold to France. With his speed and ranging Shooter was an impressive dog to watch, and he won the North Island Championship in 1976. He also had a significant input into the NZ breeding. He features in the opening of the dogbitesduck video INSTINCT.
FTCh Waygood Fiona (FTCh Sharnberry Whitestone – Downsmans Revel) won several awards and was an excellent brood bitch, among others the mother of FTCh Sharnberry Freda, Sharnberry Kola and FTCh Sharnberry Kandy.
Sharnberry Dougal (Wassettfell Jem – FTCh Little Do-Di of Sharnberry) won the 86th Derby Stake in 1974, English Setter Challenge Cup 1975 and the Champion Stake 1978. His father Wassettfell Jem was by Sharnberry Gillert (FTCh Sharnberry Kandy – Sharnberry Grouse) out of Carlton Moss Jess (Waygood Wan – Sharnberry Kola) and he won one of the 1973 English Setter Club’s All-Aged Stake. Dougal and his full brother FTCh Sharnberry Duke are found in the NZ lines, and also their half brother/sister FTCh Sharnberry Donald and FTCh Sharnberry Breeze, both by FTCh Bringwood Caprice (FTCh Sharnberry Redbracken – Bringwood Briar) out of FTCh Little Do-Di (FTCh Moka de la Salle Verte – Lemoni). Redbracken won the Champion Stake in 1970 and was sold to USA in 1973, the same year Little Do-Di won the Champion Stake. She won the English Setter Challenge Cup in 1974.
Sharnberry Quin(FTCh Sharnberry Duke – FTCh Sharnberry Breeze) was imported to New Zealand in the early 1980s, and was soon followed by the bitch Kiki Gem (FTCh Sharnberry Donald – Gwendolyns Kandy of Sharnberry). Both dogs were in particular noticed for their great bird working abilities (especially on pheasants). This was an ability they passed on to their progeny. Quin bred with several bitches including 3 times with Kiki Gem.