Boys’ Weekends II & III

by | Feb 20, 2012 | What's Happening

Various pics from boys’ weekends August 2011 at and around Houhoura in the far north and February 2012 on the coast just north of Whangarei.

Mike, Simon, Randhir & Chris ready to start fishing, while I’m preparing for a couple of hours snorkelling with spear.

Simon & Randhir with some nice snapper in the far north.

Self-portrait on 90 Mile Beach, with Mark, Simon, Randhir, Andy & Craig.

Chris was more than happy to stay on the beach and catch his fish, while he also looked after the beer for the rest of us..

Some of the snapper & kahawai landed up north, while Ben (2nd from left) holds a rabbit he shot over Bella..

Mike, Chris & Mark sorted fish and musselsv

Quail hunting in between the fishing

Soon time again for another gathering of the magnificent ten; Aidan Ho, Andy Howes, Ben Gray, Craig Wells, Chris Tansley, Mike Tansley, Mark Shaw, Randhir Sewgolam, Simon Knox & FTO. We ended up at a ladies night at the northern most pub in the country, which ended up with us forced into performing the most stunning kareoke ever heard this side of the Pacific. Sorry no pics..