by | May 30, 2012 | What's Happening

I have been football mad from a very early age. Seriously addicted. When I lived in Norway I played for various North Norwegian teams and played in Norway Cup (World’s largest football tournament, held in Oslo every summer) as a 15 year old in 1984. It was around the same time that I also made my debut at senior level. Most of the time I played as a striker or winger. As soon as I could get my licence as a referee, aged 16, I also refereed games at various levels – including women’s games, which I quite liked.. After moving to Sweden I had a brief stint also playing there but was distracted by other interests. I never played in Denmark but have been back at it as and ‘old boy’ in New Zealand, both indoor and in a proper 2nd division side. However, now it’s mainly highly concentrated towards supporting my boys Aidan and Finn playing – AND of course, still following my favourite team Tottenham Hotspur. I’ve been a loyal Spurs fan since 1978, when they made their way back to the top tier of English football, after having spent one season in the division below. It was also at that time the Argentinian World Champions Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa was brought to Tottenham. The 1980s was a good time being a Spurs fan, winning back to back FA Cups in 1981 & 1982, winning the UEFA Cup in 1984, runner-up in the 1987 FA Cup before winning it again in 1991 amongst the highlights. In the mid 80s, despite my rather immature age, I was the editor of the Nordic Tottenham Hotspur Supporter Club so my interest has at times been quite intense..

Aidan geared up last year in his Aaron Lennon Tottenham kit. The real thing on the far left…

Aidan this season, taking a corner for his Maunu team.

Aidan for Maunu against bitter rivals Kamo.

While Finn slowly is getting into the football, Aidan has been obsessed from the start. His three main interests are fishing, hunting & football. Which one is the top interest depends on the seasons. None of them seem to be very far from his mind. Like his father he also watches every Tottenham match. I’ve also encouraged him from the start to use both his feet which he has done splendidly. He almost passes and shoots equally as well with his left as with his right. So far in his young footballing career he seems to be thriving as a central midfielder. Last season he crowned the season by both being top scorer and Maunu’s Player of the Year. Great fun for me to share my main interests with him, so we’ll see if he also starts training his own dogs and join his mother and me scuba diving. No pressure, only encouragement.