Coastal Feasts

by | Jan 16, 2014 | What's Happening

John Dory for dinner!

The sights and smells of summer..

Finnefupster digging into some late night crab.

Snapper treated like a piece of meat – inspired by Jamie Oliver.

Early up to hit the water at dawn. This is first light at Bream Bay before Aidan and I went for a morning of excellent snapper fishing with friends.

Hammerhead sharks and barracoutas, some of our less desirable catches..

Some spicy Singapore crab in the wok.

John Dory seen UW. Highly regarded table fish, whether caught on line or spear fishing. It has been documented that Maoris offered John Dory (known as kuparu in Maori) as gift when Capt. James Cook first came to New Zealand in 1769.

After a late afternoon fish, coming on land with the last light..

Raw trevally in a ceviche (Pacific Island style), trevally in a hot Indian curry, baked snapper, Aidan with a decent cray.