Agertoften Pointers

Jørgen Andersen with Texas av Frygne, as best young dog in Denmark 1997. Later much more was to come…

One of the contemporary gundog people I have the highest respect and admiration for is Jørgen Andersen, kennel Agertoften in Viborg, Denmark. I have been very lucky to have worked closely with him and his pointers for several years, and will always be grateful for the knowledge he has shared with me.

Jørgen has a very rare finger tip feeling when it comes to gundogs, English Pointers being the breed he values highest. Not only is he a very competent trainer and handler, he also has the eye to recognise dogs having something spectacular to offer in breeding. Ironically enough, some people actually contemplate that Jørgen’s success may not necessarily be because of the quality of his dogs, but because he is an exceptional trainer and handler, and would be able to make a good dog out of anything. Sure, he is a very good trainer, but the fact is that he has very high demands of his dogs. People don’t realise how many dogs have actually gone through Agertoften during the years – both dogs he has bred himself, pups he has got from some of his male dogs’ matings or has purchased or been given elsewhere.

Jørgen wants effective, honest and good looking dogs. Dogs lacking those qualities, especially the first two, seem almost to disgust him. If Jørgen can’t feel interested in a dog, he will not spend time on it, and if a dog goes as far as getting to a trial, then that alone will be a sign that that dog has something special.

Jørgen with DKJCh Agertoften Jalco

Jørgen started his field trial career in 1966 with an English Setter (getting 2nd in an Open) but only a couple of months later acquired his first pointer Gitte who was by Torsmarks Gun (Boga King – Alsbjergs Centa) – Thea (Frydenlunds Gut – Fugledes Karen). A few years later he got his first great pointer Riff 13014-71C who was by Oksby Fly (Ferreos Tom – Oksby Emilie) – Tessa (Riskærs Haj – Torsmarks Sue). Riff was a stunning looking dog with great abilities and he became one of the matadors of Danish pointer breeding. He also had a great impact on the breed in Holland. Riff is found behind a huge percentage of Danish pointers today, incl. Agertoften.

Jørgen had further success with some of Riff’s progeny, including a strong bitch called Sabina (who officially became known as Sadina, because of a spelling mistake in her pedigree). She was a great bird finder who hugely impressed the likes of the visiting Swedish judge Ivan Swedrup, who gave her a 1st Open. Though the best known Riff offspring Jørgen got in a superb male called Alsbjergs Don (sometimes referred to as Alsbjergs Dan). Among many top performances Don won the 1977 Danish Derby in very convincing manners. Don also sired several good dogs, without getting up to his father’s matador status. Don’s progeny included Boga Ambassadeur (sold to Finland), Linka (Henning Mørk) and Jørgen’s own Pigas Katja.

Sabina (Riff C – Heidi) above.

Alsbjergs Don (Riff C – Alsbjergs Mette) left.